Project Meeting 3: 18 May 2018


12:30-12:45  Welcome and updates (Steiner): Review of project goals

 12:45-1:45    Discussion Topic 1:  Stakeholder workshop goals

  • What are we hoping to get out of stakeholder workshops?
  • What information would be useful for your subgroup to get out of the workshops?
  • How should we focus the direction of these stakeholder discussions?
  • Would smaller scale (e.g., interactive/experimental approach) or large-scale (e.g., large mail survey) be more useful to achieve our goals?

1:45-2 :00      Coffee break

2:00-3:00      Discussion Topic 2:  Climate change impact assessment

  • How will we assess the impacts of climate change?
  • How will we bring in our multiple pieces to develop a product?
  • What should that product be? Other deliverables?

3:00-3:15       Action plan for Year 3

  • Review of timeline and milestones
  • Synthesis and deliverables

3:15-4:30       Optional break out groups for sub-teams

  • Climate-SWAT
  • HAB Modeling-Stakeholder
  • Climate-Stakeholder
  • SWAT-HAB Modeling