Project Meeting 1: 19 September 2016

9:00-9:30       Welcome and Introductions

9:30-9:45       Overview of project:  Steiner (UM)

                        Project components (proposed work, changes in strategy, etc.)

9:45-10:00    Climate component (Q1-Q3):  Steiner (UM)

10:00-10:15  SWAT modeling component (Q1-Q3):  Kalcic (Ohio State) and Muenich (UM)

10:15-10:30  Geospatial modeling (Q4):  Obenour (NC State) and Bertani (UM)

10:30-10:45  Coffee and email break

10:45-11:00  Ecosystem services modeling (Q5): Lupi (Michigan State)

11:00-11:15  Stakeholder engagement (Q6): Lemos (UM) and Kirchhoff (UConn)

                        Plans for coming year

11:15-11:30  Review of timeline and milestones:  Steiner (UM)

11:30-12:00  General discussion (broader impacts, communication plan)

12:00              Adjourn